If you love what we do

Moldeo's Community, Moldeo Software and MoldeoJS Framework are Open Source projects that are alive thanks to the contributions of people who enjoy our work and make cool things with our software. These contributions are very important to keep Moldeo up and running. If you are also enjoying our products, you can donate through the following categories:

Personal: This one is for people who love what we do, and experiment with the tool on their personal artwork. 

Professional: If you are a professional and you are using Moldeo for research or as a tool for your classes or using it in profit performances, this one suits you.

Institutional: Last, but not least, this donation is for institutions who support investigations and research and comes with a 2-hour workshop for 20 people given by the Moldeo Developers Team themselves.


Personal artwork.

U$ 20.00


Profit performances or classes

U$ 100.00


2-hour workshop

u$ 1200.00

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